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  • T.C. Jayalath, PhD student and technician in the lab, won the 2021 Controlled Environment graduate student competition at the 2021 ASHS meeting in Denver. His presentation focused on the concept of ‘carry-over DLI’, an idea developed in our lab that takes advantage of sunny days, by lowering the target daily light integral the day after […]

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  • The Kenneth Post Award is awarded by the ASHS Floriculture professional interest group for the best floriculture-related paper published in an ASHS journal. Former MS student Claudia Elkins won the award for her paper titled ‘Longer photoperiods with the same daily light integral improve growth of Rudbeckia seedlings in a greenhouse’, published in HortScience. If […]

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  • The D.W. Brooks Faculty Award for Excellence in Research was established in 1983 to honor University of Georgia alumnus D.W. Brooks who devoted his professional life to improving the quality of society through continued service and support of agriculture, agribusiness, and the environment. Mr. Brooks was a graduate and faculty member of the College of Agricultural and […]

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  • Geoff Weaver, PhD student in the crop physiology lab just published a paper titled ‘A photochemistry-based method for optimising greenhouse supplemental light intensity’ in BioSystems Engineering. The paper focuses on optimization of supplemental lighting in greenhouses using physiological concepts. Highlights • Electricity use of greenhouse lights can be reduced using dimmable LEDs. • An optimization […]

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  • The Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes a faculty member who has started a company based on research originated at UGA. Marc van Iersel was named the 2019 winner of this prestigious award. Marc van Iersel is the Vincent J. Dooley Professor of Horticulture in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and has spent more than […]

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  • Dr. Marc van Iersel, Dooley Professor of Horticulture, was named a Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Science at the 2018 annual conference in Washington, DC. Election as a Fellow of the society is the highest honor that ASHS can bestow on its members, in recognition of truly outstanding contributions to horticulture and the Society. Marc […]

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