Portrait of Marc van Iersel

The D.W. Brooks Faculty Award for Excellence in Research was established in 1983 to honor University of Georgia alumnus D.W. Brooks who devoted his professional life to improving the quality of society through continued service and support of agriculture, agribusiness, and the environment. Mr. Brooks was a graduate and faculty member of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Dr. Marc van Iersel, Dooley Professor of Horticulture, has been named the 2019 awardee. The award recognizes Dr. van Iersel’s research in drought stress physiology and irrigation control. Dr van Iersel says ‘Although I am the one who will get this award, many, many people contributed to my success. There have been many graduate students and visiting scientists who did most of the hard work. And many colleagues without whom my group could not have achieved what we did. My contribution to all of this was simple: find good people, provide guidance when needed, and more than anything, stay out of their way!’

To read more abut the award, please see: https://dwbrooks.caes.uga.edu/award-recipients/excellence-in-research/marc-van-iersel.html

To learn more about Dr. van Iersel’s lab, please visit https://hortphys.uga.edu.


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