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T.C. Jayalath wins grad student competition at 2021 ASHS conference

T.C. Jayalath, PhD student and technician in the lab, won the 2021 Controlled Environment graduate student competition at the 2021 ASHS meeting in Denver. His presentation focused on the concept of ‘carry-over DLI’, an idea developed in our lab that takes advantage of sunny days, by lowering the target daily light integral the day after a sunny day. He was able to show in growth chamber and greenhouse studies, that this carrying over of ‘excess’ DLI (up to 5 – 7 mol/m2/d) does not reduce growth of lettuce. But it can save greenhouse growers about $6,000 – $7,000/acre/year. Congrats, T.C. on a job well done! Great research and a great presentation!