Marc van Iersel traveled to Iowa to visit Pioneer in Des Moines and Iowa State in Ames, IA. While at Pioneer, he was hosted by Jonathan Frantz and Brian Krug. He gave two seminars, discussing the importance of proper methodology to induce drought stress resposnes in plants and the use of chlorophyll fluorescence measurements to control photosynthetic lighting provided by LEDs.

At Iowa State, Marc participated in the horticulture department’s annual research retreat. Marc was one of the invited speakers for the retreat and gave a keynote talk on how his research on soil moisture sensor-controlled irrigation  has evolved over the past twelve years. As part of the research retreat, Iowa State students gave excellent talks and presented posters on a variety of horticultural topics. Overall, a great event with lots of discussion of the fascinating work being conducted at Iowa State. many thanks to Chris Currey and Diana Cochran for their hospitality. And of course a big thank you to former UGA student Alex Litvin for the tour and for getting Marc back to the airport just in time to catch his flight.

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