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Shuyang Zhen wins graduate student competition at LightSym 2016

Shuyang Zhen, PhD student in the horticultural physiology lab, won the graduate student competition at the 8th International Symposium on Light in Horticulture. Shuyang presented her research showing that far-red light can play an important role in optimizing light use efficiency of plants grown under LED light. Her work challenges…
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Shuyang Zhen, Michael Martin and Marc van Iersel attend LightSym 2016

The 8th international symposium on lighting (LightSym 2016) was held from may 22-26 in East Lansing, MI. The horticultural physiological lab was well represented at the symposium. Shuyang Zhen presented her work on the importance of far-red light on the efficiency of light use in photosynthesis. Her work has shown…
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ASHS highlights labs LED research in press release

The American Society for Horticulture Science highlighted the lab’s research in a press release: ASHS Press release on biofeedback system. The press release discusses the lab’s research on the development of a biofeedback system that can control how plant use light. The system uses chlorophyll fluorescence measurements to determine how…
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Mary Lewis, Sierra McDonald, and Jesse Lafian present their research at the UGA College of Ag undergrad research symposium

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences held their annual undergraduate research symposium today. The Horticultural Physiology Lab was well represented.   Mary Lewis presented her work on inducing flowering in marigolds, using far-red LEDs. She had the joy of presenting in front of our department head, who was one…
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Shuyang Zhen places 2nd in college graduate student competition

  Shuyang Zhen, a PhD candidate in the Horticultural Physiology lab, represented the department of horticulture in the PhD part of the annual college graduate student competition. The Broadus Browne competition is held in honor of the former Director of the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station.   Participants in the competition are judged based on a paper…
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