Marc van Iersel visited Utah State University and Apogee Instruments in Logan, UT. He was invited by the Department of Plants, Soils, and Climate to give a seminar about his research on the efficiency of lighting in controlled environment agriculture. The seminar was sponsored by Campbell Scientific and Apogee Instruments. You can watch the seminar below. While visiting Utah State University, Marc had the opportunity to visit with his mentor Bruce Bugbee, who runs the crop physiology lab at Utah State. His lab has strong connections with UGA, since UGA graduates Shuyang Zhen and Will Wheeler are now a post-doc and PhD student in this lab. Marc also visited with Paul Kusuma, a PhD student working with Bruce Bugbee. Marc serves on Paul’s advisory committee.

Marc also visited Apogee Instruments to discuss development of several new sensors. Hopefully, some of these will be released soon!

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